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At Associates Investment Group it is about providing your client with a superior housing experience, giving them options to choose what is best for them.

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Revolutionary private
stock offering

As an Agent-Owner in Associates Investment Group you become a shareholder in:

How It Works

All housing opportunities create profit streams through our proprietary system:

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You are already doing the work,
now let’s get you paid for it.

Client Focused | Agent owned

Our Tech-Enabled Real Estate Agents are the core of all Homeownership related services.

Our unique approach to the consumer experience drives repeat clients and referral business.

Our focus on the services & technologies around Real Estate, Escrow, Title, Mortgage, Insurance, and Homeownership dramatically improves the consumer’s experience.

Real residual income is made possible by our Tech-Enabled Real Estate Agents and AIG revenue streams.

Our cohesive home selling – buying – owning Ecosystem empowers the homeowner with choices.

Our Agents are not replaceable by Technology, but instead, are empowered by it.



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Representative contact:
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